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Welcome to the Morse Park Neighborhood Organization website!


We are a neighborhood organization that comprises a group of residents, property owners, business owners and other neighbors who regularly work together for changes and improvements to the area. This includes but is not limited to safety, beautification and social activities for the neighborhood residents and businesses.


The Morse Park Neighborhood Organization (MPNO) is not an HOA, therefore we do not govern our community in any capacity. We do however have elected leaders on our board for the purpose of taking a more active role in community needs, concerns and events.


The Morse Park Neighborhood not only consists of neighbors in the direct area of the park, but it also encompasses all neighbors and businesses from Wadsworth, to Colfax, to Kipling, to 26th! (See map)


Please be sure to visit our sponsors and tell them you heard about them through our website. The Morse Park Neighborhood Organization relies on the funds gained from these sponsors as well as donations and fund raising events for the purpose of:


         Regular neighborhood social activities

         Community outreach and participation events

         Information support to the community

         Raising awareness of neighborhood needs and concerns for the purpose of government support


If you would like to get involved with the Morse Park Neighborhood Organization, we would be happy to welcome attendees and new members. We are always looking for folks that have a knack for event planning, community networking, local outreach, business sponsorship, newsletter launch or any other community support talents. Please send us an email outlining your ideas and interest and we will be happy to discuss our mutual endevors.


You can contact us at info@morsepark.org



The Morse Park Neighborhood Organization Board


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The Morse Park Neighborhood Map (click)MorseParkNeighborhoodMapTH.jpg


Our Board Members and Additional Contact Information

Pavilion reservation Information - (Lakewood.org website)

Morse Park Pool Information - (Lakewood.org website)



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